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Buying A Chicago Home? Follow These Steps If You Want To Close The Deal

September 24th, 2009 · Housing economy, Residential

It isn’t news that the economy is down, or that banks are being very tight with lending. But it may come as surprise to know that most banks will look for any reason not to close a deal—so don’t give them one. If anything deviates from the norm, some mortgage lenders are quick to delay a closing, keeping you from enjoying your Chicago home. If waiting, paperwork and stress isn’t what you had in mind, adhere to the following rules outlined to me by Sean Lowry of LaSalle Pacor Mortgage Group. They will make the process a lot easier, and you’ll be the happy owner of a Chicago home in no time.

Tips from Sean

Down payment:

  • Provide your lender with copies of your bank statements (savings and checking), investments and other liquid assets.
  • Canceled checks and deposit receipts need to be readily available. Any delay may slow the process.
  • Don’t move money from one account to another.

Large purchases:

  • Even if you have the money, avoid making large purchases before trying to buy a home (jewelrey, car, vacation, etc).
  • Affects your debt-to-income ratio
  • Financial status looks negative to lenders


  • A job change can be a warning signal to vendors, unless it comes with more money.
  • Hourly workers should provide adequate documentation for consistent overtime and bonuses over a two-year period.
  • New jobs that are commission based look bad to lenders, because it makes you look unstable.

To learn more about tips for closing a Chicago home or Chicago condo, please contact agent Sheldon Salnick at (312) 264-5853 or email him at [email protected].

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Downtown Chicago Real Estate Trends

September 18th, 2009 · Housing economy, New Construction, Residential

By Gail Lissner

Are buyers returning to the Chicago condo market? While the sales volume continues at very thin levels, there has been a recent uptick in sales activity as prospective buyers are sensing that pricing has now reached levels which are rather enticing. With the discounted pricing now being offered by sellers in the Chicago real estate market along with the first-time home buyer tax credit and low mortgage rates, buyers appear to be more confident in making purchasing decisions. In addition, the rise in the Dow since the beginning of 2009 has helped buyer psychology, as buyers are already witnessing a recovery in the stock market which could help the Chicago housing market.

Buyer Traffic is Up:

On a weekly basis, Appraisal Research Counselors surveys the sales and prospective buyer traffic in a wide range of new condominium developments throughout the city of Chicago, with many located in the Downtown and Near North Side submarkets. Notably, since the spring of 2009, there has been an increase in the number of people visiting these sales centers along with an increase in the number of new sales contracts being reported. On a year-over-year comparison, 2009 started out weaker than 2008, but has surpassed 2008 since May. In general, discounted pricing is playing a big factor in this increase in Chicago home and condo sales, as these buyers are price-driven, looking for the best value opportunities.

Average Buyer Traffic Per Development

Average Buyer Traffic Per Development

The First Time Buyer is Back:

Based upon the transactions which are occurring, it is apparent that the recovery is starting at the entry level segment of the Chicago real estate market. This group of buyers is not burdened with an existing residence to sell, providing them with the freedom to purchase a Chicago home or condo. In addition, demand from first-time buyers is also being strengthened by the government’s first-time homebuyer tax credit, along with the availability of FHA financing with 3.5 percent down payments.

In general, the higher priced Chicago homes and condominiums in the market are experiencing less of this increase in demand; thus, this higher price segment of the market is still waiting for the “trickle up effect” which is beginning at the lower end of the market. With only 15% of the new development sales during 2009 achieved in luxury buildings ($500+ PSF) tracked by Appraisal Research Counselors Downtown Chicago Residential Benchmark Reports, the lower priced product is leading the market in terms of sales velocity. This trend is also seen in the statistics for the Downtown market from MRED LLC (the multiple listing service) with a mix of transactions including both Chicago new construction sales and sales of existing properties:

Condos and Townhomes 6 Month Close

Condos and Townhomes 6 Month Close

At the current pace of sales for residences reported in the multiple listing service, there is approximately a one year supply of lower priced inventory (under $500,000), with a 1.5 year supply of the $500,000-$999,999 inventory, and a nearly 3.5 year supply of the $1,000,000+ inventory. Even within these price categories, individual buildings and individual locations continue to function independently, with some buildings and locations exhibiting stronger demand than others.

Wave of New Construction Activity Ending:

The Downtown Chicago housing market has doubled in size during the past 15 years, with the tremendous surge of new construction activity which has taken place recently. However, developers are no longer pursuing new development deals nor are lenders interested in financing new construction projects. While 18,500 new Chicago condo units have been completed since 2006 in Downtown, only 600 units will be completed in 2010 and less than 100 units are currently under construction for completion in 2011.

New Condo Unit Completions

New Condo Unit Completions

We do not expect to see development occur again on any large scale basis in the near term, although the timing will depend upon how rapidly the current unsold inventory is absorbed. At the present level of sales velocity, this will be a slow process, with the Chicago real estate market now adapting to a more moderate level of sales activity than had been experienced during 2005-2007.

Currently, sales velocity is still slow and there is a sizable amount of Chicago homes for sale, including both new and resale residences. However, the supply of new inventory is now capped at what is already delivered or currently under construction, and supply and demand for housing will eventually return to more balanced levels. The Chicago real estate market conditions provide some excellent buying opportunities for informed and patient purchasers who are looking for a longer term acquisition.

For more information on the Chicago real estate market, please contact agent Sheldon Salnick at (312) 264-5853 or email him at [email protected].

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Chicago Condos Best Of Both Worlds: Green Spaces Without The Hassle

September 14th, 2009 · Entertainment, Outdoors, Residential

Having a private lawn can be a major benefit to owning a single-family home, offering you a place to play with the kids, relax, and enjoy our great city, Chicago. But owning your own stretch of green space comes with its fair share of stresses, too. A nice lawn requires maintenance. And as such, many residents turn to a Chicago condo just to forgo all the lawnmowers, weed eaters and dirt. But why should you have to choose? Here is a list of five Chicago real estate properties that offer you the best of both worlds: private green spaces and parks without all the hassle.

Model of 2520 Lakeview Ave.

Model of 2520 Lakeview Ave.

1) The Heritage (130 Garland Court) – The 9th floor of The Heritage offers its residents a sundeck and terrace that is open all year. Enjoy sweeping views of the city on the 28th floor sky deck that faces Millennium Park and Lake Michigan. For dog owners, The Heritage provides a “dog run” on the 8th floor to accommodate walks with your pup (open 24 hours).

2) Lake Point Tower (505 Lake Shore Drive) – Enjoy 2 1/2 acres of private park of the 3rd floor of the luxurious Chicago condo, which is the only residence in the city that is located on the east side of Lake Shore Drive. This park boasts a swimming pool, barbecues and 80 planted trees, all within steps of your home. Skyline Park is also available for private parties.

3) The Park Monroe (65 East Monroe) – Residents of The Park Monroe can delight in the building’s exclusive Park Monroe Club, which offers a private swimming pool, spa, sundeck and elegant rooftop garden that overlooks Lake Michigan.

4) The Residences (900 Michigan Ave.) – Designed by the award-winning firm Douglas Hoerr Landscape Architecture, Inc., the rooftop at The Residences features nearly 14,000 square feet of gardens and areas for lounging 100 feet above the city.

5) Lincoln Park 2520 (2520 N. Lakeview Ave.) – Scheduled for completion in 2011, with occupancy anticipated for floors one to sixteen in December 2011, and the remaining floors anticipated in Spring of 2012, Lincoln Park 2520 will offer 1.25 acres of a private park (model above), designed by landscape architect Thomas Balsley.

For more information on these wonderful Chicago condos, please contact Chicago real estate agent Sheldon Salnick at (312) 264-5853 or email him at [email protected].

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Chicago Real Estate Market To Be Affected By New Loan Disclosure Rules

September 9th, 2009 · Housing economy

Closing on a piece of real estate can be a wonderful feeling, especially if you’re buying in Chicago. But those feelings of joy are often dampened by the hidden costs and fees that come with closing a deal. However, according to Realty Times, in an attempt to prevent such an occurrence, the Federal Reserve Board has revised the Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act (MDIA) of 2008 (effective July 30, 2009). Here’s what’s new:

1) If the initial Good Faith Estimate (Annual Percentage Rate provided by the lender three days after receiving the written loan application) differs by more than 0.125 percent, the lender has to produce a new disclosure at least three business days before closing.

2) The borrower is allowed to terminate the deal within this three-day period and the lender cannot close on the loan.

3) The borrower may waive the three-day waiting period in a financial emergency (ex: foreclosure).

As Realty Times stated, these new rules are generally good for borrowers. It allows them to know what they are getting into before the deal is done. However, these new rules may also delay many closings throughout the Chicago area and nation, as most lenders struggle struggle to stay within 0.125 percent of the original estimate.

To learn more about loan disclosure rules and how they might affect your purchase of a Chicago home or condo, please contact real estate agent Sheldon Salnick at (312) 264-5853 or email him at [email protected].

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Chicago’s Gold Coast Comparable to New York’s Upper East Side

August 27th, 2009 · Entertainment, New Construction, Residential

I know, it’s sacrilegious to compare Chicago to New York, but humor me for just one moment. There’s no doubt Chicago is just an all-around better place to live and be. I’ve been told on many occasions that Chicago holds all of New York’s best qualities and none of the bad. But Chicago’s Gold Coast is an example of one of these good qualities. This prestigious neighborhood compares to New York’s Upper East Side with its prestigious shopping, historic buildings and luxury homes. If you’re looking for exquisite Chicago real estate with all the luxuries of New York, then the Gold Coast is the place for you.

In this month’s edition of CS, the magazine takes a look at the historical importance and future of Chicago’s Gold Coast. “When compared with the Upper East Side, New York City’s bastion of old money and privilege, the Gold Coast stands up to the competition and, from a personality perspective, does it one better.” This Chicago hot spot has always been a place to see and be seen. Within walking distance to the lake, the Magnificent Mile, and fantastic architecture and parks, it’s no wonder the Gold Coast has continued to grow all these years.

As CS writer Amalie Drury points out,

“Like any neighborhood, the Gold Coast is always evolving, but a walking tour of its grid—particularly the area south of Division Street, north of Chicago Avenue and west of Clark Street—reveals a remarkable amount of growth over the past two or three years.”

Some of the changes Drury speaks of include the development of two luxury condos at 30 W. Oak St. and 11 E. Walton St. While these developments veer from the neighborhood’s smaller, street-level buildings, they are still in line with the community’s dedication to luxury. The space at 30 W. Oak St. boasts 10-foot ceilings, Poggenpohl wood cabinetry, Miele appliances, custom millwork, built-ins and a private terrace.

30 W. Oak St.

30 W. Oak St.

30 W. Oak St.

30 W. Oak St.

The high-rise at 11 E. Walton St., designed by Lucien LaGrange, will rest just above the Elysian Hotel. Each residence will have 180-degree views, two terraces, 10-foot ceilings, gourmet kitchens and spa baths. Residents will also enjoy access to the hotel’s indoor pool, concierge services and valet parking.

11 E. Walton St.

11 E. Walton St.

11 E. Walton St.

11 E. Walton St.

Other additions to the neighborhood include the restaurant Fred’s just above Barney’s and The Cedar Hotel bar on 1112 N. State St. Rumors are also flying that hotelier Ian Schrager may purchase “State Street’s Ambassador East hotel and its famed Pump Room restaurant, once the stomping grounds of stars like Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra.” But amid all the rumors, one thing’s for sure, the Gold Coast will continue to be a classic Chicago neighborhood in the years to come.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Gold Coast Chicago condo, please contact Chicago real estate agent Sheldon Salnick at (312) 264-5853 or email him at [email protected].

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Sell Your Chicago Home Faster With Staging

August 24th, 2009 · Housing economy, Residential

It’s a rare occasion when I recommend a specific person’s services, however, a recent experience has prompted me to do just that. I was always told that if you stage a home, it will sell faster. But throughout my 20 years as a luxury Chicago real estate agent, I never saw the value in it—until now.

This year I was invited to list a penthouse condominium at 3711 N. Bosworth St. On its own this Chicago condo is amazing: hardwood floors, crown moldings, three outdoor spaces, and a private garage. The list goes on. Yet given the state of the Chicago real estate market, I decided the listing needed to be approached with some added value. It needed some flare. Enter decorator Joseph Rice (

3711 N. Bosworth St.

3711 N. Bosworth St.

I brought Mr. Rice in to provide suggestions for staging the unit. In the past, Mr. Rice has worked with several of my clients on color selection, finishes, furniture, draperies and accessories for their new homes. And based on his past successes, I hired him to rearrange my seller’s furniture and accessories.

3711 N. Bosworth St. staircase

3711 N. Bosworth St. staircase (post-decorating)

3711 N. Bosworth St. living room

3711 N. Bosworth St. living room (post-decorating)

As an experienced third eye, he maximized the home’s space and highlighted its best features with some simple rearranging. No purchases required. Mr. Rice used only my client’s existing furniture and accessories. In just three hours, he and my clients transformed the three bedroom unit into a glorious real estate seller.

3711 N. Bosworth St. dining room

3711 N. Bosworth St. dining room (post-decorating)

In addition to his stellar decorating skills, Mr. Rice worked wonderfully with my clients. Selling one’s home can be an emotional experience, but Mr. Rice’s demeanor immediately put my clients at ease. I called my clients that evening and they were amazed with the results. The condo not only looked bigger, but the new arrangement brightened up the space, making it look newer.

At $50 an hour, Mr. Rice’s services were worth way more than my investment. Proof? The condominium sold within one week!

3711 N. Bosworth St. kitchen (pre-decorating)

3711 N. Bosworth St. kitchen (post-decorating)

If you’re interested in selling your luxury Chicago home or condo, contact Chicago real estate agent Sheldon Salnick at (312) 264-5853 or email him at [email protected]. To learn more about Joseph Rice’s services, please contact him at [email protected].

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Discover the Beauty of Chicago at Night

August 22nd, 2009 · Entertainment, New Construction, Outdoors, Residential

Living in such a fast-paced city, it’s easy to get distracted. But ever so often, I take a break from my hectic schedule to simply enjoy Chicago. There’s just something so amazingly gorgeous about our city. This is especially true at night. Forget New York. Forget L.A. Chicago’s where its at. If you’re in the market for Chicago real estate, consider our city’s beauty, as seen through the eyes by photographer Jolyn Hecht. Chicago really shines at night. Imagine making this place your home.

Chicago skyline by Jolyn Hecht

Chicago skyline by Jolyn Hecht

Chicago’s industrial elements, like this unused bridge, are part of what makes our city so unique. These elements transform into elegant architectural elements at night. This portion of the Chicago River, near the Merchandise Mart and Chicago Sun-Times building, is the start of the river’s North Branch. Enjoy close proximity to the river from these available Chicago homes: 333 N. Canal St., 345 N. Canal St. and Kinzie Park.

Chicago River by Jolyn Hecht

Chicago River by Jolyn Hecht

The Wrigley Building, one of the world’s most famous buildings, is always bustling during the day. Designed after the Seville Cathedral’s Giralda Tower in Spain, its triangular shape cups the river perfectly. At night, its white terra-cotta cladding is illuminated by the city’s lights, highlighting its architectural features. This building sits on the southern half of the Magnificent Mile, home to some of the best up-scale shopping. Available Chicago real estate near the Wrigley Building and all that the Magnificent Mile has to offer are Regatta Condominiums and Chandler.

Wrigley Building by Jolyn Hecht

Wrigley Building by Jolyn Hecht

Just a few blocks west of Wrigley stands one of Chicago’s newest architectural elements, Trump Tower, designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merril. The building’s sleek and modern design seems to glow in the night’s sky. Around the river’s bend rests Marina City, two corncob-shaped residential buildings by Bertrand Goldberg. Condominiums are available at Marina City for you to take in the night from one of this residences many balconies.

Trump Tower and Marina City by Jolyn Hecht

Trump Tower and Marina City by Jolyn Hecht

Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain, designed by Edward H. Bennett, has been a part of Chicago since 1927. It’s a glorious structure even in the day time, but it’s spectacular at night with the city lights serving as a backdrop. This fountain is within Chicago’s Grant Park, which is full of attractions and events year round. If you prefer lake views to river ones, this segment of Chicago is perfect for you. Available Chicago real estate includes: 130 N. Garland Ct., 65 E. Monroe St., 310 S. Michigan Ave., and The Legacy at Millennium Park.

Buckingham Fountain by Jolyn Hecht

Buckingham Fountain by Jolyn Hecht

Chicago is known for its wonderful entertainment, and the nighttime entertainment at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park is no exception. This structure, designed by Frank Gehry, offers up some of the best architectural elements Chicago has to offer. Its state-of-the-art sound system can go toe-to-toe with any indoor theater while its modern look glistens in both the day and night. Chicago condos within walking distance of this wonderful space include: 340 E. Randolph St., 360 E. Randolph St., and The Heritage at Millennium Park.

Millennium Park by Jolyn Hecht

Millennium Park by Jolyn Hecht

If you have any questions regarding the luxury Chicago real estate listed above, please contact Chicago real estate agent Sheldon Salnick at (312) 264-5853 or email him at [email protected].

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Creating A Beautiful Deck Space For Your Chicago Home

August 5th, 2009 · Entertainment, Outdoors, Residential

The warm weather may have taken its time getting here, but now that it’s here, nothing says summer like relaxing on your Chicago deck. Whether you love laying low with a good book or entertaining friends, your outdoor haven should be just as fabulous as the rest of your abode. A truly magnificent deck should excite all the senses—dousing it with the occasional piece of outdoor furniture just won’t do. If your deck is in need of some lovin’ consider the pointers below.

1) Plants – It’s not outdoors without a little bit of nature, is it? Before you decide to fill your entire patio with shrubs from Hawaii, be sure you know the direction your patio/deck faces. This is crucial to the plant-picking process. Once you’ve figured this out discuss them with a local florist or greenhouse. A great local resource is Jayson Home & Garden off North Clybourn Avenue. It’s always best to have a good balance between annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees. To maintain your plants, take a hint from this Old Town couple in Chicago Home + Garden magazine and install a automatic irrigation system. This keeps your plants watered without the hassle of a bucket or hose.


Chicago Home + Garden magazine deck; Photography by Alan Shortall

Chicago Home + Garden magazine deck; Photography by Alan Shortall


3) Lighting – Lighting is the best (and most overlooked) way to enhance the mood on your balcony or deck. Installing programmable outdoor lights or lights with dimmers can instantly switch your deck from relax mode to party mode. Even try changing it up a bit and utilize lights that mix colors (blue, pink, purple).  If you decide to go with programmable lights, coordinating colors to various songs is a big hit at fiestas. A great local resource for lighting is Lightology off West Chicago Avenue.

4) Furnishings - What’s a deck without a place to rest? Unusual loungers are the way to go if you want an outstanding deck. When picking these out, however, remember our Chicago winters. Is the furniture easy to store? If not, is it heavy enough to withstand the wind? These are just a few things to keep in mind. If you’re looking for really unique outdoor furniture, be sure to check out Hospitality Design Source online. This shop’s furnishing are straight from a Mediterranean vacation. Be sure not to get something too big for the allotted space though. Scale is everything. Sectionals and sofas are great for large decks, but they don’t work in smaller areas. If you’re low on space opt for the occasional chair or lounge chair.

 Eclips Chair & Ottoman by Hospitality Design Source

Eclips Chair & Ottoman by Hospitality Design Source

5) Dining/Kitchen - If space allows, consider a built-in brick oven and small kitchen for your deck. This makes summer entertaining a breeze and is a real delight for guests. Chicago Brick Oven and Harmony Outdoor Living are great resources.

Chicago Home + Garden magazine deck; Photography by Alan Shortall

Chicago Home + Garden magazine deck; Photography by Alan Shortall

6) Entertainment - If you plan to throw parties on your deck, you can go the route of installing a billiards table like the aforementioned Old Town couple from Chicago Home + Garden magazine, or you can simply install a high-quality sound system to play your favorite tunes. It isn’t a party without music. And on days when you only want to relax, some soft music do the trick, too. Local source: Digital Senseworks off North Milwaukee Avenue.

If you’re still looking for that perfect Chicago home and were fantasizing about your very own deck throughout this post, be sure to check out 3711 N. Bosworth St., Unit #3. This 1,900-square-foot Chicago penthouse condo, has the perfect deck just waiting to be enhanced (plus many other amenities). Most Chicago home’s do not have wide deck spaces, yet this beauty’s outdoor space measures 37×18 feet, perfect for outdoor entertaining. Another unique feature about this rooftop deck is its direct access to the condo without having to climb any stairs. You can simply walk out to enjoy nature or entertain your guests.

3711 N. Bosworth St. Rooftop Deck

3711 N. Bosworth St. Rooftop Deck

3711 N. Bosworth St. Rooftop Deck

3711 N. Bosworth St. Rooftop Deck

Other amenities at this property include a double-wide lot, hardwood floors, crown molding, 9-foot ceilings, 42″ kitchen cabinets, granite kitchen counters, jacuzzi in the master bathroom, wood-burning fireplace and a two-car private garage with storage area.

3711 N. Bosworth St.

3711 N. Bosworth St.

To find out more about this property or other Chicago homes or condos with great deck spaces, please contact Chicago real estate agent Sheldon Salnick at (312) 264-5853 or email him at [email protected].

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Getting a Fair Appraisal For Your Chicago Home

August 3rd, 2009 · Housing economy, Relocation, Residential

When selling or refinancing your Chicago home or Chicago condo, nothing is more important than the appraisal. In this economic climate prices have dropped tremendously, but don’t let your home be undervalued. As originally reported by Money Magazine, below are five tips to insure your home is being appraised accurately before you sell or refinance.

  1. “It’s up to you to make sure your home isn’t mistakenly valued below your sale price or loan limit.” – Before the real estate market took a turn for the worse, many lenders encouraged appraisers to inflate property values. However, since the fall of the market, banks have been working with independent appraisers to prevent inflation. Despite this positive change, it’s still your responsibility to make sure your home is valued properly. Independent appraisers need to get the job done quickly, which doesn’t always translate to accuracy. An overvalued property is bad, but so is an undervalued one.
  2. “Ask a real estate agent to help you ID recent comparable sales in your area and try to get the scoop on the circumstances from your neighbors.” – Researching comparable sale prices for home’s in your neighborhood is crucial to the accuracy of an appraisal. But be sure to go beyond the numbers, too. Try to find out from your neighbors why others in the area moved. Extenuating circumstances, such as a job transfer or divorce, may have caused area homes to be undervalued. Get the facts and let the  appraiser know.
  3. “Appraisers don’t give out grades for stellar housekeeping, but the appearance of your home nevertheless has some influence on their final number.” – Treat your appraiser as if he/she were stopping by for an open house. A clean house with a tidy lawn lets the appraiser know you took care of your investment and its his/her job to look at the home through a buyer’s eyes. Would you be interested in home that looked run down and unkempt?
  4. “An appraiser who is under time pressure can’t be counted on to notice and research every detail of your house and neighborhood.” – Before your appraiser arrives have a typed list of your home’s key features to prevent any oversights. Be sure to point out extra additions or work you’ve done. Let him/her know that the marble in the kitchen was imported from Italy and the crown molding was recently restored to its original condition. Also, think beyond your home’s perimeter. What are the perks of your neighborhood the appraiser can’t see? Is it close to public transportation? Is there a top-notch school right around the corner? No amenity is too frivolous. Think about all the reasons why you wanted to buy the home in the first place.
  5. “Request a copy of the final report when it’s done; lenders are required to give it to you.” – Once you’ve received your copy look it over to double check for any mistakes (square footage, stats, etc.). If you find any errors ask the appraiser to recalculate the value. If they refuse, let the state’s real estate appraisal board and your bank or lender know. Your bank can’t do anything to fix the problem, but they should be in the loop.

If you have any questions regarding the appraisal of your Chicago home or condo, please contact Chicago real estate agent Sheldon Salnick at (312) 264-5853 or email him at [email protected].

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Chicago Real Estate: The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Chicago Slated to be One of the Most Desirable Residential Buildings Downtown

July 29th, 2009 · New Construction, Pets, Residential

When a gold standard hotel displays its name on a new residential condominium you can rest assured it will maintain some of the finest amenities and services the hospitality and construction professions have to offer.

But The Ritz-Carlton Residences isn’t just a name; it’s a lifestyle. And if your lifestyle demands luxury and service then look no further than The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Chicago just off Michigan Ave.

Noted for its warm, relaxed and refined ambiance, this boutique condominium—with only 88 apartments—is perfect for the busy CEO, hedge fund manager, investment banker, law firm partner, board member, celebrity or other famous person.

Enjoy access to concierge services to help manage your busy or demanding lifestyle. Staff members will cater to your every whim, understanding your sophisticated tastes and affinity for all things luxury. And if privacy is what you require, take advantage of the building’s private entrance, which is away from all the activity along Michigan Ave.

Impress your business colleagues in the residence’s private dining/board room, or entertain family and friends in a private screening or billiards room. For special evenings, enjoy exclusive access to the club’s chef along with a private server for an intimate night at home.

As an owner of The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Chicago you’ll also have access to personal fitness training and spa services that will help you relax after a long day of business or travel abroad.

No service or amenity is left unattended at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Chicago, including services for your little ones. If you have small children or grandchildren, the concierge can arrange for a babysitter for your night out on the town. He or she can also plan daytime activities for them at the Lincoln Park Zoo, Grant Park or Navy Pier. The staff can also arrange for the care of your fuzzy ones, too, if prior commitments prevent you from walking your dog or feeding your cat.

There’s no need to worry about maintaining your home at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Chicago either. An in-home housekeeper will preserve your home’s immaculate condition, always taking special care of your valued possessions and antiques.

If you’re accustomed to luxury then The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Chicago is the number one place to live in the city. Buy today to let a seasoned staff member accommodate your every want and need.

For additional information on floor plans and availability please contact Chicago real estate agent Sheldon Salnick at (312) 264-5853 or email him at [email protected].

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